The Crib of Apostasy – Rise of the Scorpion Lord

“Where have you been, High Farseer?” demanded Dolchanar. The Striking Scorpion Exarch – one of only a few Eldar survivors of the opening battle of Invidia – had been scanning the surface of the planet for signs of their High Farseer, Iona Lightweaver. She had been absent from their Craftworld since the battle with the Mon’keigh. The last anyone had seen of her, she had been seen scrambling away from a torrent of gunfire, just barely escaping her exploding Skyrunner Jetbike. Now she stood, dishevelled and bloodstained before Dolchanar on the main command deck. “Ozzy needs to die,” Iona said simply. “He’s dealing with forces his drug-addled mind can’t comprehend.”

“Truly,” said Dolchanar. “The Druchii betrayed us on the battlefield. After you escaped, they fired upon us.”

“Unsurprising. Expect no loyalty from the Dark Ones – deception and betrayal is second nature to them,” said Iona. “And yet, their foolishness goes beyond simple treachery. The Druchii are allied with warp tainted Mon’keigh. They gather in their tens of thousands around Ozzy’s main base on Invidia. I enlisted the help of some Harlequins in an attempt to infiltrate one of their camps, but we were discovered and they overwhelmed us.”

“This cannot be accepted!” cried Dolchanar. “Allying with those who are too weak minded to resist the warp? Ozzy might as well just invite Slaneesh over for a feast. That was a Greater Daemon of Slaneesh chasing after Ozzy on the battlefield, was it not!? The madman! He toys with our very souls!” Dolchanar seethed with anger.

“Indeed,” said Iona. “They must be stopped before this can go any further.”

“May I suggest that we reach out to any Mon’keigh untouched by the warp?,” said Dolchanar. “More than likely they have as much to lose as we do. Allying may also help reduce our own losses.”

“Well reasoned, Exarch Dolchanar,” replied Iona. “Too long have you walked the Path of the Warrior. It is time for you to channel your strategic prowess into artful and uncompromising warfare. It is time for you to walk the Path of Command. I name you Lord Dolchanar, Autarch of Iybraesil” Iona declared. “Now, put an end to this madness. Show no restraint.”



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