The Crib of Apostasy – Rise of the Scorpion Lord

“Where have you been, High Farseer?” demanded Dolchanar. The Striking Scorpion Exarch – one of only a few Eldar survivors of the opening battle of Invidia – had been scanning the surface of the planet for signs of their High Farseer, Iona Lightweaver. She had been absent from their Craftworld since the battle with the Mon’keigh. The last […]

The Crib of Apostasy – The Battle of Invidia

None of the stars of the Gehenna system had risen above the broken horizon of Invidia as Exarch Dolchanar and his small band of Striking Scorpions silently climbed onto the roof of an abandoned warehouse. From this vantage point they would hopefully be able to provide valuable intelligence in the upcoming battle. All but invisible […]

The Crib of Apostasy – The Battle of Éasca

“Fire at will!” Iona shouted. The sound of laser fire rang out, echoed between the abandoned buildings, followed almost immediately by two Rhinos exploding in the distance. This set the tone for the rest of the battle. The opening salvo was devastating. The second, even more so. Iona watched as Shuriken catapults, pistols and cannons […]